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Hawk and Raven's wedding is drawing near and Croc is in Justice City for a vacation. But before they reach the big day, Hawk and Croc have to deal with ninjas, vampires, broken friendships, and... babies?!

Hawk & Croc face all-new enemies, including a mad scientist and an ancient sea monster. Then, Jacky Nightblade returns, leading to the most dramatic, life-changing storyline in Hawk & Croc history.

Justice City is in its darkest winter ever and it's up to Croc to restore the light. With the help of the mysterious Dark Raptor, can Croc bring hope back to a city that lost it all?

The Cult of the Quagmire is back, and they've got a few new members... can our heroes put a stop to them before they enact their deadliest plan yet? Or is Justice City doomed to an eternity of hellfire and brimstone?

Hawk & Croc's deadliest foes are back, and no one in Justice City is safe. They're going to need help from all their friends, and perhaps a bit of divine intervention, if Hawk & Croc are going to survive their final adventure together!