The High School Years

(Released 2004-2005, by Brandon & Andy)

Flash back to our heroes’ adventures in high school, dealing with tricky teachers and making new friends.

(Released 2005, by Andy)

Fire Raven’s Secret Origin revealed! Plus, her first adventure!

The Classic Adventures

(Released 2003-2004, by Brandon & Andy)

Where it all began! Hawk & Croc get their powers, take on the CROWN Ninja for the first time, and battle The Great Quagmire!

(Released 2011, written by Brandon, art by Wesley Griffith, lettered by Andy)

The villainous Bank Robert and the Ninja King travel to Hell to resurrect The Great Quagmire!

(Released 2006-2008, by Brandon & Andy)

New friends! Old friends! Time Travel! All the feels! The Return of Evil! And Croc...dies?!

The New Adventures

(Released 2011-2012, written & drawn by Andy)

Hawk and Fire Raven get acquainted with their new home of Justice City, in our tribute to beat ‘em up video games like Final Fight and Streets of Rage!

(Released 2012, written by Andy, art by Wesley Griffith)

Jacky Nightblade: Friend, foe, or just fallen?

(Released 2018, written & drawn by Andy)

Without Hawk around, what does Fire Raven do on her days off?

(released 2012-2018, by Brandon & Andy)

After taking a couple years off, Hawk & Croc are BACK, with their grandest adventures yet!

The Daughters of Mighteousness

(Released 2015-2016, by Brandon & Andy)

Travel into the near future, and meet Dani Nighthawk and Lizzie Devane, Hawk and Croc: Generation 2!

Miscellaneous Mighteousness

(Released 2011-2012, written & drawn by Andy with input from Brandon)

In the tradition of Muppet Babies and A Pup Named Scooby-Doo, here’s Hawk and Croc...when they were Lil! (out of continuity)